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cinemas, water parks, themed attrac▓tions, and filmed content."This is a great opportunity for you to come to Saudi Arabia and invest in the infrastruct▓ure," said GEA C

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hairman Al Kha▓teeb.Prominent Hollywood producer, Hunt Lowry, who previously brokered a billion dollar f▓ilm and theme park deal between Warner Brothers and Abu Dhabi, told Xinhua Friday, "They're serious about putting their money where their mouth is. And the scale of investment being discussed would be very good

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for both Hollywood and Saudi Arabia."T▓he Kingdom's newly-minted film committee, The ▓Saudi Film Council, will also be makin▓g a big splash in two weeks at the Cannes Film Festival, the global film industry' s preeminent annual market and gala meet and greet affair."The Kingdom looks forward ▓to its debut presence

an Saudi Arabi

at the festival,▓ celebrating and supporting the diversity of talent and opportunities within the Saudi film industry," announced Awwad Alawwad, Saudi culture minister and▓ chairman of GEA's board."We're starting from sc▓ratch," GEA CEO, Faisal Bafara▓t, told Variety. "In some areas, we are starting from zero."Anot

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her big Hollywood-Saudi deal in the works is with Ari Emmanuel's WM▓E talent agency - the second largest agen▓cy in Hollywood after CAA - where the Prince will be buying a 5 percent to 10 percent stake for a reputed 400 million U.S. dol▓lars.But not everyone in Hollywood is welcoming t▓he Prince with open arms since

thrilled that

some activists argued that the prince should take more measures to improve women's rights of al▓l aspects in the society.Saudi women were given p▓ermission in January to attend football m▓atches and to start their own businesses without the consents of their▓ male relatives, while the country just announced its pla

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n few mont▓hs ago to allow women to drive from June this yea▓r.But producer, Al Turki, told the press that he was more optimistic tha▓t the Prince would gradually usher in more substantive changes."There was no segregation at the ('Black Pan▓ther' ) screening and I saw lots of happi▓ness and cheering of men and woma

e able to share ou

n side by side. I think this is how it's going to be in the future."Said the CEO of AMC ▓Theaters, Adam Aron, who recently struc▓k a deal to open 350 cinemas in the Kin

  • gdom, "The crown prince is aware that▓ Saudi Arabia has had a difficult ▓image in the United States...He wa▓nts to transform Saudi soci

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  • ety in ways that▓ will be very appealing to Americans."Plea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓mPlease scan the QR Code

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Tsujihara▓, whil

to follow us on WechatAustralian news reports of naval challenge rebuttedAustralian news reports of naval challenge rebuttedAustralian news re▓ports of naval challenge

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demy of Motion Pictures Pre▓sident, Hawk Koch

rebutted0▓4-21-2018 14:23 BJTThe Ministry of▓ National Defense has dismissed an Australian media report claiming that the C▓hinese Navy challenged Australia in the Sou

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the coming of a new generation of Saudi film

th China Sea as "not in accordance with facts".The Australian Broadcasting Corp cited anonymous defense official▓s in a report on Friday as saying▓ that China "challeng

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t could nab an Oscar nom some▓day soon.In a s

ed" three Austral▓ian warships in the South China Sea, the▓ Associated Press reported.In response, the Chinese ministry confirmed in a Friday afternoon state▓ment that n

urprise move

last June▓, Saudi's King Salman bin Abdulazi

aval vessels of China an▓d Australia "had an encounter" on April 15 in the waters of the South China Sea.The Chinese vessels used professional language in their contac

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坧pointed his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman

t with Australian ▓naval forces, and their operations were legitimate, regulated, professiona▓l and safe, the ministry said without elaborating on the exact numbers of

as the mona

rchy's new Crown Prin▓ce, to replace Prince M

 the naval vessels from either ▓side."The relevant report made by Australian media is not in accordance with facts," th▓e ministry said.Also on Friday, Australian Prim

ohammed bin Nayef, a

e Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Australi▓an navy has a "perfect right" to traverse th▓e South China Sea, the AP repor▓ted.When asked about Turnbull's comme▓nt, Foreign

to meet the

Ministry spokeswoman H▓ua Chunying said China always respects and sa▓feguards the freedom of navigation and overflights enjoyed by all countries in ▓the South China Sea i

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tions or indications in this regard,▓ it is hoped the country would face up to the stable and good momentu▓m in the South China Sea region's situ▓ation, work with China an

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d other countries in th▓e sea to maintain its peace and stability

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and inject positive energy into the region, Hua said.A Beijin

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organ Freema

g-based military▓ expert with ties to the People's Liberation A

n, and James Cameron

rmy said Australia is only an outsider in the South China Sea region▓, and it should remain highly prudent and refrain from meddling.It is natural ▓to see Australia's hop

Your Company App Name.He also met with Microsoft's Bi

e to play a bi

gger▓ role in the region, but the issue is ▓whether it

can play a po

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